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Science Syllabus

A. Desbien


I am so excited to start this new year with you! Distance learning is a new challenge for us all but I love learning new things and challenging myself, so you are in good hands.  

I studied Biochemistry before earning my Master's degree in Education at the University of Washington in Seattle. The past seven years have confirmed for me that Junior High is my favorite age to teach!  This is a great time to for you to explore your own learning, try new techniques, develop your skills, and maybe even find new interests and talents. 

In this class, we work to construct and communicate complete, scientific explanations of puzzling natural phenomena. We make our ideas and thinking visible using different kinds of models that reflect how our understanding changes as we gather new data. Students will do hands-on work with materials, use computer simulations, conduct observations of phenomena, design experiments, and collect and analyze different types of data. However, our focus is on developing a deeper understanding of scientific concepts through questioning and communicating our ideas.

I can't wait to meet you all and get started!

           Stay Curious.            Keep Wondering.

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