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Civil War Battles

Civil War Trust.png The Civil War Trust, whose mission is to conserve Civil War battlefields, has an amazing website. It contains descriptions of over 100 battles and for many battles they have images, articles, maps, videos, and exciting animated maps that break down the battle. One example of their animated maps is below on The First Battle of Bull Run.

For many of the major battles they have animated interactive maps that include a video like above but you can also explore and move around the map your self and read about what happened at different sites around the battlefield. Click on the image below to explore the Battle of Shiloh.

Battle of Shiloh Interactive.png

Other Interesting Stuff

Tent Pups.pngDid you know that Civil War regiments had pet dogs to help them scout and guard the camp? Read the article below to learn more and view pictures of some of the dogs.

"Tent Pups." America's Civil War 22.2 (2009): 46-51. History Reference Center. Web. 16 Apr. 2015.


Civil War Music.jpgMusic was a very big part of a soldier’s life in during the Civil War, songs were sung in camp when soldiers were bored or homesick, on the march, and during battle. If you would like to hear some of them check out Miss Norman's YouTube playlist of Civil War Songs.

Digital History also has a nice collection of Civil War Music.

Civil War

Virtual Museums

Soldiers Letters Home

The New York State Library has a nice collection of letters from soldiers describing the Battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg. The excerpt above is a letter from Calvin Haynes to his wife after surviving the Battle of Gettysburg. 

Virginia Military Institute.jpg
The Virginia Military Institute also has collections of soldiers letters and diaries from the war. 

Overview of the War

Digital History.jpg
Digital History has a great overview of the Civil War and other good information.

Civil War Newspaper Illustrations

The New York State Library also has an amazing collection of contemporary newspaper illustrations of the war. Their collection includes the following subjects:

  • Battle of Fort Sumter 
  • First Battle of Bull Run 
  • Civil War Uniforms
  • Battle of Ball's Bluff
  • Soldiers' Christmas
  • Battle of Roanoke Island
  • Battle between the Monitor and the Merrimac (CSS Virginia)
  • Siege of Yorktown
  • Battle of Seven Pines

Tour Ford's Theater

Fords Theater.png
Check out Google Maps tour of Ford's Theater where Abraham Lincoln was shoot by John Wilkes Booth.