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Dear Students and Parents,

Hello and welcome! We look forward to seeing all of you and supporting you as you begin your journey through 7th and 8th grade.

As your counselors, our goal is to support you and answer your questions no matter how big or small. We will do our best to encourage your academic, personal/social, and career development as you prepare for high school, college, and beyond. Ms. Moore (the 8th grade counselor) and Ms. Kim (the 7th grade counselor) both conduct individual and group counseling sessions, classroom guidance lessons, and parent night presentations. You can message us through school loop, submit a counseling request form, or just drop by before or after school or during lunch. You can also call or email us:

7th Grade: Ms. Kim: 510-656-3500 Ext. 38108,

8th Grade: Ms. Moore: 510-656-3500 Ext. 38107,

We wish you a wonderful 2019-20 school year!


Worried about a friend (or yourself) who is self-harming or having thoughts of suicide?

Do you know someone who is harming themselves/cutting themselves or who has thoughts of suicide? This is not a safe behavior and can be a sign of underlying mental health issues that need to be addressed. Please talk with Ms. Kim or Ms. Moore to share any concerns about yourself or others. You can also use the following hotlines to get help:


Text the keyword "Safe" to 20121 from 4pm-11pm, 7 days a week


1-800-309-2131 Crisis Support Services of Alameda County, 24 Hours a Day


1-800-273-TALK National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Contact A. Kim-Staff  A. Kim-Staff ex: 38108 7th grade Counselor
Contact M. Moore-Staff  M. Moore-Staff ex: 38107 8th Grade Counselor