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Parent Challenge for September (from Mr. Brown)
Posted 8/30/19

Hello Hawknation,


We had a great start yesterday.  Thank you to all of the staff members that have worked so hard to prepare for the first day of school and thank you to all the parents that have signed the paperwork, made appointments at the doctor's office, made donations of money and volunteered time, and who came in for MAZE Day.


Please give us a call in the office if you have questions about anything school-related.  The first Parent Newsletter has important information to get you started.


8th grade parents may remember that on occasion I like to send out a parent challenge.  Last year I found this note on the ground after lunch one day.  


Challenge:  By the end of September slip a handwritten note, picture, story, quote or some other creative idea into your child’s lunch or backpack for them to find.  A simple “good luck on the test” or “I’m proud of you for ____________________” would be very easy and perhaps very valuable. (I’d love it if you snapped a picture of the note and sent it to me as well.)



Good luck and let me know how it goes.


--Mr. Brown

“Brain Smarts and Big Hearts.”