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Message from Hopkins Principal Mr. Corey Brown about Temporary Relocation
Posted 8/10/21


Parents/Guardians and community members,

Thank you to everyone that has been so responsible with all of the necessary documentation and paperwork needed for us to begin the school year.  To our returning 8th grade parents you are by now familiar with my communication style.  I will always strive to keep you up to date in a timely manner.  To our rising 7th grade families I look forward to meeting you and adding your story to our Hopkins community and traditions.

As many of you are aware there is major construction happening at Hopkins Jr. High.  In the fall of 2023 Hopkins will become a middle school and we will welcome 6th graders to our campus.  This conversion process has two main parts:  new construction (classrooms, music rooms, and a state of the art multi-use room) and modernization updates to existing buildings.

Despite an incredible amount of work and effort there have been some major delays and challenges which have set back completion dates for key parts of the project.  The unfortunate news is:  Hopkins will not be ready for students and staff to be on campus for the start of this school year.  The good news is that we have a plan.  This move is what is needed and what is best for “our kids.”

Lila Bringhurst Elementary School (45051 Wisdom Way, Fremont, CA 94539) will be our temporary home until it is safe and prudent to return to Hopkins.  It has the capacity and the space to comfortably house our staff and students until we can go “home.”

We will be hosting two town halls to answer as many of your questions as possible.  All courses, services, and the excellent education we strive to provide will continue.  For many of you I’m sure this is disappointing or frustrating.  I hope you will join me in viewing this move as a temporary remedy which you will see may have some real benefits that outweigh the negatives.

Tuesday 8/10/21 @9:30 AM Zoom Link

Thursday 8/12/21 @ 3:00 PM Zoom Link
*There are a limited number of participants.  Please plan to attend only one session and share a computer in the home if there are multiple participants.  A recording will be shared.*

We will be running bus service between Hopkins and Lila Bringhurst for students.  We know that many students walk and/or bike to school.  Busses will leave from Hopkins to Lila Bringhurst at 7:00, 7:45, 7:50 AM M-F.  They will return from Lila Bringhurst to Hopkins at 2:40, 2:45 (1:40,1:45) on Wednesdays.

We also have a schedule for families to visit the new campus to walk around, view the site, pick up a map and have a look at classrooms before the first day of school.  Schedule pick up and campus exploration.

The way you (and we) as adults speak about school, education and the ongoing pandemic goes a long way in influencing “our kids” feelings about those topics.   You have a very dedicated staff at Hopkins which is here to support learning and education.  We will be ready for “our kids” on the first day of school and to be honest we can’t wait.  As you share this news with your children, take some time to ask them how they feel about this sudden shift to an already scary transition out of elementary school and the pandemic.  Listen to them and then reassure them that it will be okay.  It is normal for kids and their adults to be nervous about the transition to Jr. High.  It is okay for them (and you) to feel that way.  Our custodians, office staff, supervisors, counselors, administrators and teachers are experts at working with kids and we have been welcoming students to Jr. High for a very long time.

Reach out to me or my staff if you have any questions and please keep a look out for future communications.  It continues to be my honor to serve the Hopkins Community.

(If you have not set up your parent portal account, updated immunization records, or completed the online MAZE registration please contact the school office if you need assistance.)

“Brain Smarts, Big Hearts”

Mr. Brown,


Important Update about Hopkins Temporary Relocation from Superintendent