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E. Birbeck

Geometry and Foundational Algebra 1 and Algebra 1 Accelerated

CT 4 (attached) Geometry Topics Grade 8

Assigned: 03/13/19 Category: Classwork/Critical Thinking Points: 10 Due: 03/20/19

View Presentations 1 & 2 Transformations on Google Classroom and complete the handout from Friday

Classroom Code Google :Omcx6m

Assigned: 03/15/19 Category: Classwork/Critical Thinking Points: 0 Due: 03/19/19

Staple together Error Analysis for Unit 4B. Staple Assessment List ON TOP. Have parents review and sign the Assessment List

Assigned: 03/18/19 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 03/19/19