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D. Patel


I am excited to start my fifth year here at Hopkins Junior High!  This is my 12th year teaching overall.  I've taught middle school for 11 years (grades 6-8) and 1 year in elementary school (3rd/4th combo).  I have teaching experience in charter, public and private schools.  I have also worked as a private tutor for over 7 years, teaching students Beginning Reading, Academic Reading, Academic Math and Algebra 1 in grades K-12.  I hold a BS degree in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University and a MA degree in Education with Credentials from UC Davis.  I worked in the corporate industry for 3 years before returning back to my original passion, teaching.  My goal each year is to provide a safe, encouraging and supportive learning environment for my students.


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's progress this year.  Feel free to send a loopmail or leave a voicemail message (x38022).  I am also available for in-person parent meetings, Monday-Friday between 7:55-8:10 AM (unless I am on yard duty).  Please send me a message to mutually agree on a meeting date.  Be sure to check in at the office upon your arrival to campus.  Students may seek additional help during lunch time; "walk ins" are always welcome!


I am looking forward to working with you this year, cheers!

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8/27/18 5:58 PM
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Common Core Math 2

CW #27

MARCH 18 - MARCH 22, 2019

Assigned: 03/18/19 Category: Classwork Points: 25 Due: 03/22/19

HW #27

MARCH 18 - MARCH 22, 2019


Monday: Finish Geometry Packet #1-7

Tuesday: p. 249 #3 and Finish Geometry Packet #8-16

Wednesday: p. 249 #4-5 and Finish Geometry Packet #17-24

Thursday: p. 250 #6-8 and Finish Geometry Packet #25-31

Friday: Review the concepts we reviewed this week.


MathSpace (Due 3/28/19):


-Probability (41 questions)

Assigned: 03/18/19 Category: Homework Points: 30 Due: 03/22/19