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If a student does not dress for PE (with no doctor's note excusing them from class), a half hour detention will be issued to the student. The detention does not stay on their permanent record.  


If a cardio days is missed due to a Non Dress, the student must make it up for a grade within one week during Flex Time.  If they fail to make up the run after one week, it will no longer be able to be made up and therefore will result in a zero.  


Students are NOT allowed to wear the same clothes they came to school in to PE (with the exception of a Hopkins issued sweatshirt). They must dress out entirely of their "street wear" for PE.  This includes leggings under shorts or long sleeves under PE shirts.  


The PE Department sells Hopkins Jr. High issued PE uniforms all year long.  However, if you opt out of purchasing our uniforms, colors for both shorts and shirts must match our colors (forest green shorts & dark grey shirt) and be logo-free.  


Names must be put on both the shirt & shorts in permanent marker.  


In the winter months, sweats may be worn with a few exceptions:

     1.  No hoodies, unless Hopkins issued hoodie.

     2.  No sweat pants with pockets.

     3.  No zippers (example: no cardigans or zip up jackets)

     4.  Sweatshirts & sweatpants must be black, dark green, grey, or white color only.

     5.  NO LOGOS of any kind on either sweatshirt or sweat pants.


Every student is issued a locker for the school year.  The PE Department at Hopkins takes every precaution to prevent the loss of clothing or valuables, however we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  

The following are specific rules/policy procedures for the locker rooms:

1. Each student for safety and security must have his or her own lock.  They must be a sturdy combination lock ONLY.  Locks can be purchased from the PE Department for $7.00.
2. Do not share locker combinations.
3. Only use your assigned locker—Do not switch or share your locker with another student.  Non-numbered, big lockers may be used ONLY during the PE period.  They are first come, first serve.  At the end of the day, all locks that remain on a big locker will be cut off and thrown away.

4. Lockers MUST remain locked before, during, and after the PE period. 

5. Never place your lock on the bench or the ground.  This is the number one reason why/how locks go missing.

6. All valuables or expensive/important items should not be brought to the locker room.  If so, lock them in locker during class time.

7. No food or drink (except water) are allowed into the locker room or gym.
8. No glass containers are allowed in the locker room or gym.
9. Due to a high number of students with sensitive allergies, body sprays are never permitted to be used inside the locker rooms.  You may only use body sprays outside (we recommend keeping sprays in your outdoor lockers).  Detentions will be given to those students violating this rule. 
10. If a new lock is bought, the student must give the teacher their new combination.

11. It is in the students' best interest to write their locker number (NOT THE COMBINATION) on the back of their lock so teachers can identify the lock if it is left off the locker.

12. Backpacks are to be placed under the benches to keep the walk ways clear. An immediate hour detention will be issued if this rule is violated due to student safety concerns.

 13. Use of cellular phones is prohibited in the locker room for any reason.  An immediate hour detention may be written and an automatic referral to administration is issued when in violation of this rule.

*No detentions will be given for unlocked lockers this year.  The PE department has issued a disclaimer that relinquishes staff from any and/or all responsibility of lost or stolen items. Each student is responsible for their own property.  


*The PE Department has taken a PROACTIVE stance when it comes to lost belongings in the locker rooms.  It should be stressed that students need to take responsibility for their own possessions.  This list of procedures/policies helps with incidents of theft, keeping our students safe, and ensuring everyone's comfort.


If you have any further questions regarding these policies, please feel free to contact the Assistant Principal, Mrs. Jennifer Moore.


                                              Physical Education Policies Hopkins Jr. High 2018-2019

P.E. Uniform Policy


It is appropriate for students to change their clothes for hygiene, safety, and movement efficiency purposes.  Students are required to change clothes in preparation for their P.E. class. Uniforms consist of Green Shorts and a Grey shirt.  Uniforms may be purchased from any teacher any time during the school year. Students may also wear PFA sweats during the colder winter days.  If a student does not purchase a Hopkins uniform they may wear plain green shorts and a plain grey shirt. They may also purchase plain sweats that are green, black, or grey. Students may not wear any clothing that has logos, pockets or zippers.  All uniforms must have the students name on the top and bottom per their teacher’s instructions. It is the student’s responsibility to keep their uniform clean and in good condition (no alteration). Socks and appropriate athletics footwear are mandatory during class, tennis shoes with laces (no flip-flops, sandals, slippers, etc.).  Failure to comply with dressing policy will result in parent contact, and disciplinary actions.

Disciplinary Actions:

First Offense = Warning

Second Offense = ½ hour detention

Third Offense = 1 hour detention


Locker Room Policy

Each student will be assigned a locker to use for the year.  The locker should be used to store PE clothes, socks, shoes and personal hygiene items.  Lockers should be used during the period to store clothes and shoes worn to school.

Teachers and supervisors are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Locker rooms are under supervision at all times while students are present.  Students are not allowed in locker rooms without adult supervision. It is the student's responsibility to lock all items up in their locker.  Cell phone use is prohibited inside the locker room at all times. Phones will be taken to office if out in the locker room.


Daily Activities Policy

Students are expected to participate in physical activities every day.  If a student is injured or ill the student may be excused with a note for up to two consecutive days.  Notes must explain the illness or injury and be dated and signed by the parent for each day. If a student's needs to miss any more time they must have a doctor’s note.  Students will still dress for PE but not participate. Student will be expected to make up any missed days of participation according to the teacher's instructions.


I have read and I understand the Physical Education Policies


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