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PFA Agendas

Agendas are published prior to the meeting. If you have any questions regarding the agenda, please contact one of the PFA Officers.

PFA By-Laws

Please Visit the PFA website

    PFA Website Link

    Note that this is a parent-sponsored website, not published by Hopkins Junior High School. Neither Hopkins Junior High School or Fremont Unified School District is responsible for the material presented on the website.

    PFA Minutes

    PFA (Parent-Faculty Association)

    Hopkins PFA Information

     Welcome to Hopkin's PFA website. Hopkin's PFA is striving to provide quality education for your children. By becoming a member and actively participating/volunteering at Hopkin's events, you will not only become better informed about the school but also contribute positively to your child's learning and development. By becoming a PFA board member you will be able to voice how the funds will be distributed for different departments and child enriching clubs.

    The goals of the Hopkins Middle School Parent Faculty Association:

    • Assist students in meeting the challenges and demands of middle school.
    • Assist Hopkins staff in obtaining the funding necessary to meet the needs of our students and teachers.

    Hopkins PFA helps organize activities for faculty & students throughout the year such as:

    Faculty Appreciation breakfasts/lunches, Staff recognition, Maze Day, Sweatshirt/pants sales, safety patrol, student socials, book fair, multi-cultural day, career day, 8th grade Promotion Ceremony/Party (w/ your promotion donations-$40/student).

    "In favor to go green and streamline the operation, please go to PFA's web site, fill out PFA forms and make your donations on line."

    Meetings held regularly on the first Wednesday of each month, 7pm in the Hopkins Library

    PFA Yahoo Groups

    In addition to the PFA website, PFA uses their Yahoo Groups to communicate.

    All the parents need to do is to send an email to​ with the word "subscribe" as a topic.
    Please note that this is not an official Hopkins Junior High School or Fremont Unified School District communication vehicle. The information provided is not provided by either entity and is only the opinion of those posting. If you have questions regarding specific policies or programs of the school or school district, you should contact the school for clarification.

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