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Try acting out this dramatization of Galileo's Trial with your classmates.

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Scientific Revolution

See the Experiments for Yourself

Test out Galileo's Experiments on Falling Objects, Projectiles, Inclined Planes, and Pendulums at PBS Nova.

Galileo Interactive.png

See how Newton's laws of physics work at the Science Channel webpage.

Newton Interactive.jpg

Galileo Galilei - In annutshell
Turning Points in History - Scientific Revolution

Great Web Resources

The Galileo Project by Rice Univiersity

This resource contains a biography & timeline of Galileo's life, pictures and some biographies of his contemporaries, and images and descriptions of Galileo's tools and experiments.

The Geometry of War 1500 - 1700 by the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford, England

This Resource contains a catalogue of new weapons, tools and tactics invented during the Scientific Revolution. Most items contain images, descriptions, and sketches of how they were used in war.

Horrible History - The Royal Society