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Hopkins School Site Council

School Site Council

SSC:  School Site Council  The purpose of SSC is to oversee the school program, including the curriculum and instructional practices.  This group ensures that the needs of all students are a priority.  In addition to assisting in the LCAP, the SSC monitors the SPPA.  This group also oversees the SIP (School Improvement Plan) budget. 


SPPA:  Single Plan for Pupil AchievementThis is the plan developed to ensure continuous improvement of our school.  We write the plan for Hopkins.  It is rewritten yearly to reflect the needs of our current students.  It is available on the district website. 


Who is SSC ?- SSC is made up of an equal number of parents and staff.  Parents are elected by parents and staff by the staff.  At Hopkins we have 3 students, 3 parents or community members, 3 teachers, one classified staff member and the principal.  It is important to have members that represent the school community. 


SSC meetings take place 3-5 times per school year.   Each meeting a different part of the school program will be presented to the group.  The budget is also a focus of the meetings, to make sure we are spending money on the goals in the SPPA. 

School Site Council

School Site Council ~ Agenda

May 12, 2022

3:30--Via Zoom 


  1. Call meeting to order:  3:32 PM


  1. Introduce members: Present - Mr. Brown, Ms. Marine, Mrs. Loob, Ms. Sheaffer, Ms. Boteilho, Mr. Cornett, Mahima R., Ishaan U., Dongqing G., Anusha V., Ishaan U.


  1. Approve Minutes: Minutes approved

    1. Minutes from 3/10/2022 



  1. Public Comment @ 3:30 - No public comments


  1. SPSA Update: Mr. Brown - This is the main thing and probably the top reason why we have this group is to review our SPSA plan that goes to the school board. I think in early June, this is our final chance to ask questions and edit. Part of the process required through the Fed and State program at the district office to get some of the funding that we have that we use for what’s called our, unduplicated students. 

As a reminder, the district has four LCAP goals and each school site writes their own school level goal which helps the district achieve those big goals, which are pretty broad. Within each school,  the different departments help meet those goals to align to focus on EL students, students with special needs, free and reduced lunches, migrant and immigrant students. 


Draft Goals for approval


  1)  District goal then each school and department.

Provide an educational environment that is conducive to learning. By June 2023, 100% of Hopkins students will have participated in a minimum of eight social emotional learning lessons (through history or flextime). Attendance rosters on assigned days will show those that received the materials. The eight lessons will be selected from the district SEL curriculum from out top areas of need as shown by the "Challenge Success-Adolecent Survey '' results. (Staff Engagement, Sleep, Academic Honesty, Student Stress). ELD Courses will review the lessons in smaller groups with translations as necessary.


2)  Increase the academic achievement of all students through challenging and engaging instruction.  By June 2023, there will be a decrease of 10% of the total number of students receiving a D or F grade for the second semester as compared to semester one. ELs and Students with Disabilities on the D and F list after semester one will be assigned by counselors and office staff to attend targeted intervention in subjects of challenge during Flex Time at least twice per month. *After school homework help/office hours may be additional support pending funding, schedules, and negotiations.


3) Implement strategies to involve students in their learning interventions to eliminate barriers to success.

By June 2023, 75% of Hopkins students will participate in FLEX periods to seek academic, intervention, or extension support as measured by a student survey. By June 2023, 100% of EL students will participate in FLEX periods to improve confidence and language acquisition. Participation will be measured by a student survey. Growth will be measured by ELPAC results with the goal of 70% of EL students increasing by at least one level. *Flex Time subject to change depending on hybrid schedules and negotiations.


4) Establish partnerships with our families and community to increase academic success for all students.

School goal - By November 2022, identify students that are not involved in any school sponsored activities (clubs, athletics, intervention, extra-curricular activities/competitions, etc.) By June 2023, increase that number by 15%. Involve ELD teachers, counselors, WEB leaders, and club presidents in inviting and reaching out individually to ELD students and special education students.


Mr. Brown - Questions on these goals?  Mr. Cornett -So the targeted intervention of flex time on number 2, who would be doing the targeted intervention?

Mr. Brown - it changes a little year to year so right now when we have a teacher that has a 5th period prep, they theoretically do half of their floex classes in a month and the other half where they are calling students in. Lovy does that with some of her students. Melanie, I don’t know if you can talk about some of the flex things for ELD students other than individual teachers?    

Ms. Sheaffer - well we have them in ELD class during flex as it is so we aren’t really moving them. They are already with someone who can target. But they do get called out for Science and Math and things too.  

Mr. Brown -  So, it kinda changes because the teachers are on prep that period change and we have some different needs here. Not like an additional prep. They are available to say cover your class while you do some sort of an intervention or pulling in a small group of kids.

So this is an item we need a motion on to approve these goals as is to submit. I will resend the final draft of SPSA.



  1. Budget Update:  

      a.    Review discretionary budget - 


Budget LCAP - 

Intervention Funds:  7,371

Based on unduplicated students. Putting that money towards a youth and family counselor. It has been a real benefit to have a therapist on site this year. Next year is two days a week. It doesn’t quite cover the cost but we pick up the difference with our school funds.


Library 1,755

A large portion of that we will have our ELD department work with the librarian to make sure that at least a percentage of the books we are using with these specific funds are targeted towards ELD students.


  Ms. Marine - Does someone want to move to approve these?

  Ms. Boteilho - I approve the SPSA goals

  Mr. Cornett - I’ll second

  Ms. Sheaffer - I’ll third     

  Ms. Marine - Thank you       


  1. ELAC/DLAC Update:  Ms. Sheaffer - The two big pieces of information is we finished the ELPAC testing so that is great. All kids tested. Next year our EL numbers are increasing by about 10-12 students over. Already looking at ways to support them next year with classes and placement.



  1. New Business-  None


  1. Principal Report - I’ll keep it very short. We have our last social next week on the 20th like a bubble thing, bubble machines delivered today. Our promotion party for 8th graders, all those events. Always seems like there is a lot happening in the short run up so keep reading your emails for updates. Hop on the Hopkins website to see our twitter page and let me know if you have any questions and I’ll give my time to the students, parents and staff here.


  1. Student Report - Mahima - I think people are looking forward to the end of the school year and kinda glad sbac is done.

Ishaan - yeah, I think the school year went really well especially with everything we have been through like the bussing, how we evolved so much with our families, coming on time. Kids are really happy with that.


  1. Parent Report - Anusha, this is my last meeting moving onto highschool. Thank you very much, it’s been great knowing all of you. Been a pleasure being part of SSC. Thank you Mr. Brown, I really enjoyed. I know the first time you talked about,  what is ELCAP and started right there. I learned a lot through this. I like the inclusive environment how we included all the students, teachers and parents to do this sort of thing.

Mr. Brown - Thank you for the nice words. And they have a school site council at high school too so maybe your experience can carry over there and I know  you’ve also helped with as our ELAC or DLAP rep and we really appreciate that. Those kids need lots of representation as well so thank you.



       12. Staff Report: Ms. Boteilho - we had a great talent show and then we did two drama shows and they are online. Our next effort is the Film Festival which will be May 27th online.

Mr. Brown - Mr Cornett and his department are getting ready to have the chpse. 

Mr. Cornett - Yeah, we are starting health and sexuality education on the 20th and will go through the remainder of the school year. There has been a lot less opt outs this year than in previous years which is 

enanotable for whatever reason. 


  1. Other  Mr. Brown - Mrs. Loob, Thank you.  I think that is your 2 years as secretary so we will rotate that around, thank you for taking notes and being part of these at the end of the day.


We work from the Hopkins office from June 13th so we will be over there and out of Bringhurst. I heard someone mention about TK full day and giving that at all schools. All of a sudden the elementary director is very interested in all the middle school conversions happening on time because they need those empty 6th grade classrooms to fill with TK and full day kindergarten.


I want to give an extra special thank you  to the students and parent volunteers that have been part of these meetings. I know the first couple are a little bit longer and then one via email, and this one is a bit shorter. The timing doesn’t always work out with when we get our funding for the  SPSA and some of the direction and feedback that we get on writing our goals and we are waiting for different data to come in to write our goals so we are addressing real needs that we have at the school. I thank everyone for the feedback on the drafts. Especially for the students that this particular  report is designed for. All students. Thank you students, thank you parents. It’s been a pleasure having you in this group.


Ishaan - I want to thank you for including me. It has been a wondrous experience to learn how the school works and what’s needed to run the school


Meeting end: 4:00 PM


School Site Council ~ Agenda

March 10, 2022




School Site Council ~ Agenda

January 13, 2022

3:30 pm-via Zoom


  1. Call meeting to order:  3:34 pm


  1. Introduce members: 

Corey Brown      Hillary Marine     Sonja Loob     Theresa Boteilho

Melanie Sheaffer   Paul Cornett    Zehra Ahsan   Anusha Vaidyanathan

Mahima Ramachandran   Angel Li


  1. Approve Minutes:  Approved by Zehra, 2nd by Mr. Brown

    1. Minutes from October 7th, 2022



  1. Public Comment @ 3:45 pm



  1. SPSA Update:  

5 and 6 tied together. Because we are not sure about funds. Waiting on data.

Survey from English classes. Wait until we get the funding. Not expecting it to shift that much.

Around the 6-7 thousand range

All the funds were used for: Youth and Family Counselor at 7,500 to come 2 times a week. This did not cover the full payment. The rest was paid out of other school site funds. This has been a positive thing

We will approve everything during the last meeting this year.

We will have a sample draft goals that we can go over, edit via email before we finalize at our

last meeting.


  1. Budget Update:  

      a.   LCAP Funds–Not yet identified.  Estimating 6k


  1. ELAC Update: 

Ms. Sheaffer - Not a lot of changes. We continue to get  more and more ELD students and that’s great. In Fremont, there are a lot of Afghan refugees and there is support for them. We do not have any here at Hopkins. 

Part of the reason Mr. Brown does not have numbers for next year, as students are now able to reclassify so this can change things and we won’t have these numbers until the end of January.

Mr. Brown - The largest ELD group is the unduplicate students for the ELCAP funding. Other groups factor into this so that is what they wait for.


No parent comments


  1. New Business- None


  1. Principal Report - Challenge Success Dashboard Survey,  Safe School Opening (Omicron)

Students/parents getting 1st glimpse now

All secondary schools are doing this.

Healthy Kids Survey

Stanford survey dashboard - a lot more flexibility

Able to look by grade level, honors

3 words to describe Hopkins by our students:

1st Fun

2nd Difficult/stressful

3rd Boring

4th Interesting

5th High Quality

6th Caring/Welcoming

7th Educational

8th Friends

9th Too much homework


Sleep has always been an important factor 

Out of 872 responses 7.6 hours of average sleep. Recommended 10 hours

Most kids are in the 6.5 - 7 hour range. Less than 3% get 10 hrs or more of sleep

Average wake up time for students is 6:30 - 7:00


Cell Phones - 49% of students sleep with their phones in their bedroom. ¼ of students do not have a cell phone.


Homework Average: 7th grade is 2.2 hours out of 899 responses. Weekend homework is 1.2 hr out of 900 responses

Average longest time of homework was in October with 3.2 hours out of 893 responses


Students perception of parent expectations:

Excellence School 68%

57.3% - students who feel they have an adult at school they can go to

78.5% - students who feel they have another student at school they can go to


Mahima - homework time is pretty accurate


69.3% - students who report engaging in at least one academically dishonest behavior in past month

44.2% - students working on assignments with other students when doing individual work.


Angel - sleep part is pretty accurate. Need more sleep.

Anusha - sleep is something we are struggling with. Have to get up 30 minutes earlier. This has been an issue from the beginning coming to the Lila campus.


Board meeting last night regarding reopening. Legislation is preventing distant learning from happening. Neighboring districts like Hayward have to do distant learning due to staffing shortages not from covid. No longer able to unilaterally decide.


Home tests really helped. Hopeful outlook. Omicron should be peaking if not already started.

We do not have a virtual option.


Anusha - are parents pushing too hard? 

Mr. Brown - no, this is from the students perception


  1. Student Report - 

Mahima - Since we have been back, less kids, empty desks. People aren’t comfortable. The kids that are back at school are not crowding together as much at lunch. We also step outside to drink water. It’s good to see that they are not clumping together at lunch.

Angel - I think break was a nice relaxing time. Cases rose throughout the break and I noticed some of my friends are not coming to school.


Ms. Marine -  It is a difficult time to be a student and parent. Students are taking this seriously.

Mr. Brown - 13% students district wide are out of class. Could be related but necessarily have covid but symptoms. Following protocol. Right now we have a lot of students out due to travel following protocol. Doctor appointments, covid, precautions.

Ms. Marine - Really proud of students following protocol.


  1. Parent Report - 

Anusha -  Huge rush Saturday and Sunday for the test kits. Boosters - 3 hrs on Saturday. Parents are vigilant.

Zehra - 1st day back kept son home. Tested him before. Being cautious. Son more anxious than Monday.

Mr. Brown - working on having student boosters on site.

Ms. Marine - Overwhelming, impressed.


  1. Staff Report: 

             Mr. Cornett - Really impressed with students. Students enjoyed the break but are glad to be back.

             Ms. Boteilho - Talent Show, Drama and Film Festival will all be online.


  1. Other 

Next meeting, March 10, 2022

Meeting end: 4:24 pm


School Site Council Meeting

October 07, 2021

3:30 pm-Zoom

  1. Call meeting to order:  3:34 pm


  1. Introduce members:

Staff: Students/Parents:

Corey Brown  Ishaan Upadhyay 7th

Hillary Marine Joseph Maio  7th Neha Jalan - parent 7th

Sonja Loob Mahima Ramachandran  7th Anusha Vaidyanathan - ELD Rep- 

Melanie Sheaffer Abhinav Sinha  7th alt Zehra Ahsan - parent 8th

Theresa Boteilho Angel Li - 8th Dongqing Griswold - parent 7th


  1. Election of Officers:  Zehra 2nd the motion and election was approved

    1. Chair - Hillary Marine

    2. Secretary - Sonja Loob - 


  1. Approve Minutes: Mr. Cornett motioned to approve.  Ms. Sheaffer 2nd the motion.  

Minutes approved

  1. Minutes from March 18, 2021 

Mr. Brown went over the last meeting minutes. After review he did not see anything that stood out.


  1. Approved the Meeting Schedule: Meetings are one per quarter. Sometimes dates don’t line up so a meeting may get canceled.

    1. 10/7, 1/13, 3/10, 5/12 from 3:30-4:30.


  1. What is SSC:  

    1. Agenda, Minutes, and SPSA plan will be posted to our website

    2. Slide Deck SSC 2021  


             Council meets to review. Main budget must be approved. 

Last year it was voted to have a youth/family service counselor on campus Thur/Fri.


  1. Public Comment @ 3:45 pm

No public comments


  1. SPSA Update: 

    1. Role of Site Council


  1. Budget Update:  

 a.    Review discretionary budget

Review LCAP Library Fund - 

Approve LCAP Intervention Funds-


Each year the school gets a budget. This changes year to year.

15% cut from a few years ago.

51,000 to run our school this year. If we don’t use all the funds we lose them. 

Would like to use up all the funds by April.

We don’t necessarily use all the funds so therefore we would allocate to classrooms, chromebooks.

6,567 Teacher Sub - 1500 used so far

1,000 - Library. Last week the library received 7,000 that must be spent by December.

2,136 - Referees

700 - Copies/maintenance

750 - to each department. Throughout the year, funds can be shifted to departments



  1. ELAC Update: 

    1. Explain program -

EL Students#45

ELD 1,2 - students who just moved here, just learning English

ELD 2 - students learning to read and write English

ELD 3 - same standards as above

ELD 3D - support class

ELD Connections-support class

  1. Testing - 

  2. Reclassification -I-ready Test 3 opportunities instead of 1

  3. Parent Representative


Ms. Sheaffer - We have 45 EL students. That is more than before.

EL 1 & 2 has 6 students

EL 3 has 13 students

EL 3D has 10 students

Connections has 6 students

Changes with reclassification. District now using iready. 

Classifications are now done 3 times a year compared to once a year previously.

So happy to be back in person.


Mrs. Marine - It makes such a huge difference having students back in person. 

An ELD trainer came out. Department Chairs had district training to help with English learners.


Mr. Brown - A lot of funding for LCAP. ELD is the largest group for funding.

Unduplicated funds -  Foster, Migrant



  1. New Business

    1. Review homework policy

10-15 min per night per class


             Mr. Brown - Do any students want to start this off?

Ishaan - Not more than 30 min for classes. Turn in on time.

Parent - 10 - 15 minutes per class

Mr. Brown - We try to aim for the middle. Some kids can finish in 15 min while others may take                       an hour.

             Teachers, what do you do when you have a student who takes an hour to do their homework?             


            Ms. Boteilho - I like to have the parent email or call me with concerns. What we don’t finish in        

                                    in class becomes homework.

Mr. Cornett - Same for me. Usually something that is not finished in class becomes homework.

        Grateful for the computers/chromebooks



             Angel -  per class is 10-15 min?

Mr. Brown - yes, per the district

Angel - I think it’s a bit more

Ishann - 30 minutes one day. Teacher assigns max then it can be a bit much.

Mr. Brown - No homework on weekends also not assigned over weekends. If this happens, notify 

                    the teacher for clarification.

Mohima - I agree it doesn’t always take the same time of 15 minutes.



  1. Principal Report - Bringhurst, First Social 11/5 (after school), PFA spirit wear delivered Friday, Student Email and communication in general, Stanford Survey


Looking to extend our stay at Lila through the school year not just through December.

Students hopefully checking their email daily

October 18th - Great Shake Out


  1. Student Report - 

Ishaan - A lot of students want to stay here at Lila

Angel - Wants to stay at Lila. When you walk around our classrooms it won’t be safe at Hopkins. 

            We should just stay here.

Mr. Brown - Hopkins will be safe if we return. Areas would be fenced off.

Mohima - The lunchline by the stairs was an issue when school first started. It is much better now

  especially with the blue tape. Kida are excited about the social.


  1. Parent Report - 

Ms. Huffman - My daughter loves taking the bus.

Ishaan - Yes, taking the bus you can talk to your friends and socialize.

Samar - Yes, my daughter loves to take the bus too. It was a bit much. Everything has settled now. My child is excited as well.

Zehra - Just being back in school is nice.

Anusha - Yes,  my son likes the bus but it does take more time. Sleep is reduced. If he misses the bus we have to drive. Love the Lila campus.

Mr Brown- We do have a presentation and town hall to see how the parents feel.

Anusha - Misconception on the timeline for the school being completed.

Mr. Brown - We gave a tour of the school last week to some parents to show them around Hopkins.

Ms. Huffman - The kids miss PE

Anusha - Yes, that and no lockers

Mr. Brown - Some students are happy and others are not.


  1. Staff Report: 

Ms. Botielho - October 15th everyone wear their green WEB shirts

All the Drama shows will be online.

Speech and Debate has 70 students

Drama has 70 students

Mr. Cornett - Great to be on campus with students. Lot more settled in the last few weeks. Glad to have the chromebooks. It helps.

Mrs. Marine - Settling in. Everyone has done a great job adjusting and adapting. Been good.

Mr. Brown - FUSD covid rate is at .05%!  That’s really good due to high rate of vaccinations, staying at home when sick or having symptoms.

Masks are working well and a big reason for low rates.

Changes to mask wear outdoors may be coming.

Next meeting next year!


  1. Other 

Next meeting, January 13, 2022

Meeting end: 4:19 pm



















Student Members

Ishaan Upadhyay

 Joseph Miao

 Mahima Ramachandran

 Abhinav Sinha

 Angel Li 


Community Members

Neha Jalan

Anusha Vaidyanathan

Zehra Ahsan

Dongqing Griswold


School Members
T. Boteilho (510) 656-3500 ex: 38223 Teacher-English/Drama/Speech
C. Brown-P Principal
S. Loob-SYS ex: 38105 Sys Admin/Registrar
H. Marine Teacher - English
M. Sheaffer (510) 656-3500 Teacher - English